Milling Capabilities

With a combination of manual and CNC mills, Apollo Machining has the flexibility and knowledge to handle any variety of milling work your company may need.

By using computer software we are able to machine parts more efficiently and to more precise tolerances. Whether a one-off job or large quantity orders, our CNC mills and operators are equipped to produce accurate results with quick project set-ups.

CNC Milling


Specifications & Dimensions

Size 3/8″ to 2″ X 24″ Keyways
Work Envelope 40″ x 20″ x 20″


Specifications & Dimensions

Table Size 16” x 54”
Work Envelope 40” x 20” x 24”
  3 Axis CNC Bed Mill

Manual / Conventional Milling

Cleveland Mill

Table Size 14” x 72”

Knee Mills with DRO’s (Digital Readout) (2)

Table Size 12” x 55”

Conventional Mill with a 10″ Riser

Table Size 10” x 48”

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